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Individual and group training methods to help your body feel stronger, happier and healthier

A hybrid approach of gymnastics, Olympic lifting and track and field training means your body will move faster and feel more agile than ever before.

A focus on improving joint flexibility and muscle strength means your body will be able to perform for longer, without dropping intensity and performance levels. 


At Belerion, we are committed to providing the best quality experience for all members, emphasising inclusivity and community. 


Our mission is to provide the best quality CrossFit experience for all members, fostering inclusivity and building a strong sense of community. We are dedicated to creating an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together, challenge themselves, and achieve their fitness goals.

For Everyone….

Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. We embrace and celebrate individual differences, ensuring that our gym is a welcoming space for everyone. We believe that fitness is for everybody, and we tailor our workouts to accommodate various abilities and limitations. Our community is built on mutual respect, encouragement, and the shared pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Our beginners course is a 6 week, twice weekly, rolling course specifically tailored to your level of fitness and mobility. Aimed to give you the workout you need to progress. Regardless of your ability, age or experience we will help you get to where you want to be. 


We foster a strong sense of community within our gym, forging connections that extend beyond the walls of our facility. We organise regular social events and workshops to bring our members together, allowing them to connect, support one another, and form lasting friendships. We believe that a supportive community is the foundation for personal growth and success.

Our coffee bar is a regular hangout for our community to grab that essential morning java or protein shake. As a Belerion member you get a free coffee every month, more reason to stay and chill a while before getting on with your day!



Mums & Bugs

These exercise classes are ideal for new mums to train safely without the need for childcare. Littles ones are welcomed along to watch their strong mummas stay fit and healthy 🥰


Would you like to get into CrossFit, or just want to start your fitness journey? Come down to CrossFit Belerion, we offer a beginners class that is programmed to you get started and also see what we are all about as a community.


In this class, it's exactly what you might expect focusing on specific muscle groups each week to give you the strength to go forward throughout Crossfit. No high intensity workout, just focusing on building muscle and getting strong. 


A class focused on technique and being more comfortable and confident with a bar. This class covers the basics and allows you to progress with weight and to do that in the safest way.


Exactly what it says on the tin, a class to push you and then become more comfortable working for longer periods of time. If you are looking for a good sweat and to perform well under fatigue, this is the class for you!


Our commitment to excellence begins with our highly qualified and supportive coaches who prioritise safety, proper technique, and individualised attention. Through expert guidance, we strive to help every member reach their full potential, regardless of their fitness level or previous experience.

Coach Chris

Chris brings the vibes, energy and really knows his stuff! 👊 Most of you know Chris but here is a little bit more about him 😀

Joined: May 2018
Coaching since: August 2021
Favourite gym song: Genesis by Justice
Party Trick: Forget everything immediately
Favourite Moment: First Bar & Ring Muscle Up
Most humbling CrossFit moment: Worm run at SiD
What do you want to be when you grow up? Gym Owner
Favourite Shoe: Metcons ✔️

Chris coaches in the evening at Belerion, and is known for his weekend programming with great team WODs and killer endurance workouts!

Since Chris first showed his face in the gym he has turned into an awesome athlete and a pretty awesome Coach 🙌

We love you Chris ❤️

Coach Ed

Ed can be found in the gym usually on a piece of cardio kit sweating it out. If he isn’t in the gym he can be found out for lunch somewhere - he knows all the good spots 🗺

Ed knows everything about strength building and developing the right muscles for your goals. He coaches CrossFit throughout the week and has a dedicated bodybuilding class on Monday at 5:30 pm and will get your muscles 🔥

Joined: January 2021
Coaching since: September 2021

How did I start? A friend bought me in and I got hooked!
Favourite gym song: anything heavy rap, hip hop is my jam. Play Drake 🎵
Favourite coaching moment: Seeing members get their first bar muscle up.
Favourite CrossFit moment: First comp, One and All 2021!
Most humbling CrossFit moment: How long it took to get double unders. Months.
What I want to do: keep coaching and personal training both face-to-face and online.
Favourite shoes: R.A.D.S

Ed has proved to be a dedicated coach and athlete and one to watch for the future….🌎

Coach Kerry

Kerry programmes for Belerion and steps in to Coach when she is in Cornwall too 😊


I’m a Cornish gal living in the midlands. Happiest when exploring!

Programming since: 2018, I think ⏰
Favourite gym song: if I’ve got my headphones in I’m probably listening to the Hamilton musical…(quite partial to the Matilda soundtrack too)
If I’m in charge of the class music it’ll probably be a bit of Eminem.
Party trick: Sticky Vicky ping pong 🏓
Jokin’ I am
Favourite movement: Strict pull ups / HSPU
What you love about programming:

When people message me to tell me about their progress!
Most humbling CrossFit moment: Not being able to finish the cash in DUs at a competition- I was stuck trying to get 50 DUs for basically the entire wod! Needless to say, I practised every day after that -
I love a DU now
What I want to be when I grow up:
Serena Williams
Favourite shoe: Crocs or Nike metcon
Fave hero wod: DT or Grace
Most savage workout you’ve ever programmed: hmm you’ll have to ask the members?
I enjoy the annual 12 days of Xmas repeat!

Kerry is a part of the team here at Belerion, we love her programming and we even love her rules! Kerry tests out workouts to make sure we are pushing members at the right level. With the open coming up look out for some previous workouts and some RX + movements.

See you soon 👋

Coach Kyra

Welcome to the coaching gang Kyra. Recently qualified level 1 CrossFit coach.

Kyra has been heading up our beginners programmes and lunchtime workouts with the support of the rest of the Belerion coaches. Although new to Belerion, Kyra is an experienced PT with lots of knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness.

“You can find me participating in workouts and moaning how hard they are (especially Chris’s ) when I’m not at the box I’m running my own classes from home helping people begin their fitness journey or helping them with their rehab.

Coaching since: Feb 2023
How did I start? My CrossFit journey began in 2018 when my husband took me to my class. I’ve been hooked ever since.
Favourite gym song: anything rock especially foo fighters and red hot chilli peppers 🎵
Party trick: forgetting the workout and doing something completely different. 🎉
Favourite movement: box jump overs and anything gymnastics or legs 🤸‍♀️
What I love about programming: everything! I love how versatile and fun I can make them.
Most humbling CrossFit moment: watching the beginners grow in confidence and overall fitness and mobility
Favourite shoe: Mervin 7
Favourite hero wod: DT and Dork
Most savage workout: not sure best to ask my clients that one 😆

Kyra is a seasoned athlete, gives 100% always, and is constantly pushing in the world of CrossFit.

Go girl 💪


CrossFit Belerion,

Guildford Road Ind Estate
Hayle, Cornwall 

TR27 4QZ



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